Acacia Farm Lodge - Karatu
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Acacia Farm Lodge - Karatu

The Unique configuration of the luxury suites provides for privacy and solitude for couples and smaller groups visiting the lodge. Whether you are traveling alone or you are a couple on your exclusive, romantic, private safari or a family looking to occupy your little ones or even a group with a diverse range of requirements, Acacia Farm Lodge is the place to be.

Well-appointed and creatively designed and decorated public areas and luxurious accommodations ensure a wonderful stay for every guest visiting us while the gardens and lawns, manicured and healthily growing in the fertile soil of this area are a feast for the eye.

The personalized service on offer is second-to-none due to the presence of knowledgeable, attentive, and efficient staff while fine dining with award-winning wines from the cellar is our way of life. You could dine under the stars, outdoors on the verandah, or indoors in the elegant dining rooms.

Exclusive Activities & Excursions

These are all activities/excursions attracting an extra charge(s) to guests but can as well be pre-booked when doing a reservation. Our cluster of activities is sure to delight both generations, full of natural wonders, experience, and excitement. We provide a laid-back resort atmosphere that has been a favorite of guests who visit our resort year in and year out. They include:

Inclusive Activities & Excursion

Acacia Farm Lodge offers an excellent range of bespoke activities crafted to suit everybody, from international to local tourists, from honeymooners to families as well as single travelers and corporate visitors on a retreat. These are all activities guests can engage in without any extra charges.

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