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Tanzania Solo Safari

Tanzania Solo Safari  is every traveler's dream but many worry about the cost factor and if they would feel welcomed or not in an alien land where honeymooners claim their sweet spots. But Tanzania Safari Tours with First choice safaris is nothing like that. You will travel safe, secure, have fun and never feel bored! We will tell you why?

-Join Other Groups

The best part about Solo Safari Tanzania is that you do not always have to go alone. You can join other solo or group travelers. You make friends and this helps you stay safe on your wildlife safaris. No matter what, our experienced tour guides and crew welcome you with open arms and you feel comfortable and welcomed.

-Manage Costs

Apart from the above factors, you can also manage costs on your Tanzania Safari upon travelling solo as you will be joining other groups and save on your Tanzania Safari Cost.

Let us find out how your itinerary would look like on Solo Safari Tanzania:


There are numerous locations to visit in Tanzania to fulfil you solo safari dream but amongst many, the following top three locations are the major attractions in Tanzania:

Serengeti – The Other name for Safari!

We don’t need to tell you why you should visit Serengeti. It is so popular across the globe that when you think of Safari you imagine Serengeti. With exclusive wildlife drives and game drives, spotting the Big 5 and The Great Wildebeest Migration, you can simply traverse through the Great Serengeti Terrain or go on a Night Safari, which is even more promising than it may sound.

Thrill and fear accompanied by the sense of oneness with nature will encompass you in Serengeti. It’s the best choice for Solo Travelers and can be visited almost all year round.

Zanzibar – The Paradise Island

The white sand beaches of Zanzibar are a must-visit place for Solo Travelers who wish to spend some time alone. Jerry Tanzania Tours understands your need for solitude and we customize your itinerary adding several days for you at private accommodations where you enjoy a complete luxury stay.

Tarangire – The Land of Magic Trees

What people have grown old is hearing tales of Serengeti and its inhabitants. But rarely does anyone hear of Tarangire. It’s less bewildering however once you visit the National Park popular for elephants and the mystical Baobab Trees. You can choose from our numerous packages choices and visit the land in the peak season for best views.

The cost factor is something that most travelers ponder upon while planning their Best Safari In Tanzania. Let’s have a closer look at the Solo Safari travel costs


The cost of Solo Safaris is $1500 - $2000 per traveler for a 6-day safari tour. Your Solo Safari Tanzania would cost less if you Join group tours. This is because you can save a lot on Safari Vehicles cost. The more number of people on Safari the less it costs per head.

The Tanzania Safari Cost for solo travelers vary from $250 (per person per day for budget travel) to $500 or more (per person per day for luxury travel) and depending on your itinerary the costs will vary. You can save on your accommodation with other travelers or purchase a single supplement that would add $200 extra to your accommodation costs at camps, lodges or hotels in Tanzania.

We have some special tips for Solo Travelers to make their journey simpler and more meaningful:


Tanzania Solo Travel is fulfilled and knowledgeable with First choice experts who help you in every step and solve your queries from the very beginning in How to Solo Travel in Tanzania. Below is an elaborated list of tips that are the best Solo Traveler's Guide to Tanzania which will be extremely helpful in the country:

Go for Advance Bookings – at least before 6 months

To avoid extremely high charges for Lodges and camps that waive single-supplement charges you must look forward to planning early to secure yourself a safe accommodation on the trip.

The Green Seasons are the best for Solo Travelers

You will likely get better rates and packages for solo travel in Green Season when both rates and demand are lower than peak season. We advise you to take advantage of this and choose your travel season wisely.

Prepare your tailor-made itinerary with our Safari experts

First choice  Safari Experts will help you choose from the best deals of lodges, camps that go best for solo travelers. Our bespoke services will delight you as we make your journey effortlessly easy.

Decide what you expect for a seamless booking

We would be glad to prepare a well-crafted itinerary for you but we need clear communication as that helps us develop your schedule that is spot on. Where do you wish to stay, or eat or visit or what you wish to experience, decide on these things in advance to enjoy a picture-perfect trip.

Where you stay in Tanzania also adds to your solo travel expenses. Not all accommodations provide single supplements and therefore we have few choices that we have to offer as part of your stay in Tanzania:


-Panama Garden Resort: It is one of the best hotels in Moshi and most travelers stay here after they arrive in Tanzania. You can enjoy free breakfast, wifi and other services in this resort.

-Tloma Lodge: Built on the foothills of the Ngorongoro, Tloma is a small exclusive lodge with over 24 cottages built in colonial styles, which offer fantastic views over a coffee plantation and the walls of the Ngorongoro crater.

-Kati Kati Tented Camp: It is a mobile camp situated in the Central Serengeti and is a two-hour drive along a panoramic route from the Olduvai Museum and the river Grumeti.

-Ngorongoro Rhino Lodge: Located in the Ngorongoro region there are 24 guest rooms, friendly local staff and a great stretch of high montane forest. Each room has its shower, toilet and hand basin.

Many travelers ask us if Is It Safe To Travel Alone In Tanzania; or if Tanzania is safe for women travelers or not. Read on to find out:


Tanzania Solo Female Travel is exclusively designed keeping in mind the safety of female solo travelers and with Jerry Tanzania Tours you will feel extremely safe and secure. Here are a few travel tips to enhance your travel experience:

The lighter you go, the richer the experience

Practice this philosophy in the truest sense and pack light for Tanzania. Carry the essential items only and leave the rest behind as you will be shuffling in and out of airports and safari vehicles, and carrying fewer items is a safer and more secure choice.

Merge with their customs – Dress Modest

You don’t get enough chances to try local traditions and follow their customs. Tanzania is you need to choose modest clothing that is less revealing as the country is quite conservative especially in Zanzibar it is recommended to cover your shoulder and knees.

Avoid travelling to Dark, or unknown localities alone

It is suggested that you return to accommodations before nightfall, and take very direct and straightforward routes and avoid strangers even if they are offering help. It’s recommended to accompany with a group if you are out on an exploration in the towns.

Reputable Guides from First choice safaris

Tanzania is nothing like the big cities or towns of the western world. It is therefore advisable to book from a reputable guide like First choice safaris who are experienced and help you stay safe and secure on your trip.


When exploring the wonderland of Tanzania you will need reliable, correct and updated sources of information on various aspects like Tanzania Visa and other travel documents.

We escort you directly from the airport saving your time from haggling with drivers, help you explore numerous Things To Do In Tanzania and provide you with excellent local and indigenous Tanzania Food. We are trusted by many of our past fellow travelers and we take your Tanzania Travel Safety as our highest priority.

Give us a chance to convert your Tanzania Safari Packages to the most memorable one that transforms your travel and safari adventure experience ones and for all.



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