Contribute to Conservation Efforts

Conservation education is a crucial step towards inspiring and empowering (young) people to protect wildlife from extinction. It is also fundamental to the achievement of the goal of sustainable development. There is a great need for high-quality educational materials and activities that will change behaviors in the direction of environmental protection.We’re able to arrange for you to participate in conservation projects during your safari – whether it be helping plant a tree in some of these schools or cleaning by collecting the plastic bags that are spread over the street or around the schools or maybe you’re interested in helping to provide teaching materials like projectors, laptops, banners, a small generator which can help to reach more schools in the rural areas where there is no electricity; we’re able to suggest ways to incorporate some conservation activities during your safari.
  • Area: Tanzania – East Africa
  • Targets: Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Categories: Education, Tree Nurseries, and Wildlife Education
    Conservation Projects
    Conservation Projects
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